For years E. Rogers Associates Inc. has been working with Hofstra University’s Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Ph.D. in Applied Organizational Psychology programs to provide high potential students with an in-depth internship experience. In turn, the interns provide research skills and up-to-date knowledge of best practices to help support and enhance our services to clients. Over 30 students have interned at E. Rogers Associates Inc. over the years, and can be found working in various capacities both locally and abroad.

Here’s what previous interns had to say about their E. Rogers internship experience…

Madelyn Marino

Vice President, Human Resources World Service at American Express

E. Rogers provided hands-on experience consulting with numerous clients. Through a variety of projects, including 360-degree assessments, competency models, and training programs, I learned valuable skills. The experiences I’ve had at E. Rogers prepared me for a flourishing career at American Express where I’ve been for the past 10 years.

Michael Keinath

Vice President, Human Resources for Frito-Lay Sales at PepsiCo

The little more than a year I spent at E. Rogers Associates was a pivotal moment in my career. The enormous amount of learning I did and lessons I learned, in that short period of time, is still very relevant for me more than 12 years later.

Claudia Pezzina

Executive Director, Human Resources at Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

When I was an intern at E. Rogers Associates I built strong foundational skills in: designing company visions and missions, designing and implementing competency models to drive behavior and subsequently, business performance, interpreting feedback and creating executive coaching sessions, survey design and analysis, metrics and analytics, and training. Ultimately it was these skills and experiences that made me an attractive candidate to Fortune 100 companies and once I landed a job, I was very well prepared to perform.

Alexandra Lianos

Vice President, Human Resources at NY&Co

The experience that I gained at E. Rogers Associates is, in a word, invaluable. Over a decade later I continue to use all that I learned while at E. Rogers to inform and guide daily decisions. Evelyn’s keen business savvy and in-depth understanding of business dynamics is truly remarkable. Coupled with her expert ability to optimize talent, she provides a comprehensive and accelerated learning experience that will form the foundation of your human resources career. I continue to rely on Evelyn for her expert guidance and advice and look forward to many more years working together!

Julie Franklin

HR Business Partner, U.S. Field Sales & Marketing at Biogen

There is no doubt that I would not be where I am today with my career if it weren’t for my time at E. Rogers Associates. It gave me a foundation that I was able to successfully leverage at Deloitte Consulting, PepsiCo and now a biotech company. My time there taught me adaptability, perseverance, and the real value of honest and direct feedback. All the things I try to teach my team now.

Richard Sambus

Senior Director, North America Beverages Supply Chain at PepsiCo

E. Rogers Associates is a boot camp for Corporate America. Once you enter an organization you have the tools to quickly lead an agenda and distinguish yourself as someone who can advance the business. Ten years later I am still leveraging the learnings from my time in Greenwich, not to mention the pro bono career coaching from Evelyn.

Esther Margalit

Director, Learning & Development at Consumer Reports

My experience at E. Rogers has shaped my professional career forever. I learned to be accountable for my work, think on my feet, set my standards high, and to seek feedback for growth and development. Reporting to and learning from a mentor such as Evelyn is a unique opportunity that I was so fortunate to have. Evelyn has an incomparable sense of an individual’s strengths and development areas almost immediately. She provides you with the feedback and experiences to shape you as a successful professional. I can confidently say that the basis of my career path and my outlook on professional development is mostly attributed to my time spent with Evelyn and the E. Rogers’ family. Thanks for the amazing experience!

Christopher Shryock

Vice President, Human Resources – Russia, Ukraine and CIS at PepsiCo, Inc.

Like many interns, my experience at E. Rogers Associates was a crash course in business, consulting skills, and autonomy – with accountability. I don’t recall all of the clients I worked with, nor all of the projects I led. What I do remember is learning to manage stakeholders, simplify complexity, and deliver results even when it didn’t seem possible. My expertise in competencies, surveys, and coaching techniques grew substantially during my tenure. But most importantly, working at E. Rogers taught me how to think and how to make HR relevant to the business. A decade removed from my time there, my career, and whatever I have achieved, can be mapped quickly and directly to my experience at E. Rogers. A few firms and few people have had the type of impact that E. Rogers Associates did for me and many, many others.

Jennifer Tocco

Senior Manager, Organizational Development at Aéropostale, Inc.

The opportunity to work at E. Rogers Associates was invaluable to my career. Through the internship I was able to gain exposure to a variety of industries while working on a wide range of complex projects including competency modeling, executive coaching and leadership development programs. However, the most significant part of my time with E. Rogers was the mentorship from Evelyn herself. Evelyn’s feedback and coaching taught me to work hard, think creatively and always strive to exceed expectations. I can’t thank Evelyn enough for being such an important role model in my career and my personal development.

Ryan Marceau

Senior Product Manager – Pearson

The E. Rogers Associates internship is a career growth hacker. Evelyn condenses three years’ worth of developmental experiences into a short, intensive experience that prepares her interns to hit the ground in a full out sprint once they enter the corporate world. Even after 10 years in the workforce, I still benefit greatly from the lessons I learned at E. Rogers Associates.

Nate Shay

Associate Director, Guest Experience Intelligence, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.

My experience at E. Rogers Associates was invaluable. While many internships are structured around supporting lower level project work, E. Rogers gave me direct accountability to real clients with real projects. Learning how to be proactive, seek feedback, and deal with ambiguity helped jump start my career and set me up for success in other roles, both in Human Resource Management and in Marketing. Thank you for this great experience!

Bennett Price

Director, Organizational Development at PepsiCo, Inc.

Without question, the experiences and learning afforded to me during my time at E. Rogers Associates have been nothing short of priceless. I am often reminded (usually in humorous ways) of how critically important it is to develop individuals early in their career with the right mind and skill sets. Joining E. Rogers was a pivotal moment in my life that has helped me forge a solid foundation for a successful long term career.

Tara Sussman

Director, Compensation at American Express

My time at E. Rogers Associates was invaluable. I will never forget my first lesson, trying to figure out deliverables for a project listed on the whiteboard, for a company I knew nothing about. Navigating through ambiguity is a critical capability to be successful in the ever changing business environment. Working on leadership development initiatives helped me develop a keen attention to detail and recognize the importance of building relationships; key learnings that continue to help me along my career trajectory!

Andrzej Kozikowski

Research Statistics Analyst – North Shore-LIJ Health System

I currently work at North Shore-LIJ Health System as a research statistics analyst, designing and implementing research projects targeting healthcare quality improvement including process, cost, outcome, and patient satisfaction. The internship at E. Rogers was critical for my growth and readiness to face any challenge in my current job. Evelyn was, and still is, a great mentor to me. She taught me to never settle for mediocrity but strive to always keep improving and getting better. She taught me to be comfortable with ambiguity, which allows me to face any difficult challenge with confidence. During my time at E. Rogers I learned to be proactive, take initiative and be resourceful, which are all vital to my success in my current role.

Saira Khan

Leadership Development Specialist, Interpublic Group of Companies

While working at E. Rogers Associates, I was able to work hands on with numerous client projects and attend senior level executive meetings. At one point, I think I counted up to 11 clients at once! E. Rogers and Associates formed the building blocks for my success, as it allowed me to match my creativity with my background in psychology and leadership. I have recently finished my Ph.D. in Applied Organizational Psychology from Hofstra University and started my career in talent management.

Gregory Moise

Manager, Workplace Solutions at KPMG

My experience at E. Rogers Associates taught me to handle the one constant in today’s work environment – change. Specifically, I learned how to deal with ambiguity and turn uncertain situations into opportunities for innovation. The experience was truly a turning point for me and I will be leveraging the lessons I learned throughout my career.

Kimberly Happich

Associate Manager, Organizational & Management Development at PepsiCo, Inc., North America Beverages

Not having left the Greenwich office too long ago, I can say the skills I developed at E. Rogers Associates are something that I rely on regularly. Evelyn is a master at taking green talent and refining their consulting skills, ability to ask diagnostic questions, and executive presence in order to rapidly increase the value they bring to the talent marketplace. An invaluable reality that I discovered while working at E. Rogers is that you can only be as impactful and effective as much as you understand your business and what is critically important to its success. My ability to speak to the business fluently has been pivotal in my ability to forge relationships with my leaders.

Ann Higgs

Talent Development & Internal Communications Professional with Global Experience at Affinion Group

Years in academia with longwinded essays and papers created a habit that had to quickly be overcome to keep up with the fast pace of the corporate world. My brief time with E. Rogers helped me to learn how to communicate effectively and concisely to ensure the greatest, intended impact. An invaluable skill that I use every day.

Nawal Es-Sabahi

OMD Manager, Human Capital Strategy-Workforce Planning & Analytics at PepsiCo, Inc.

The time spent at E. Rogers Associates gave me a priceless experience that I leverage daily since I left. The consulting firm exposed me to a wide range of projects in Human Resources, allowing me to work with experts in the field. The solutions offered to our clients were always very creative and incorporated the latest trends and development. In addition to what I learned, Evelyn Rogers provides continuous valuable feedback that helps my career growth and development.

Ethan Wieselthier

Learning & Development Specialist at R/GA

My time at E. Rogers Associates was invaluable to my growth, both professionally and personally. My experience was accelerated due to working with organizations across many industries of different sizes, and with varying organizational needs. My exposure to projects such as competency modeling, assessment facilitation and analysis, and training development, to name a few, prepared me for the career I’m pursuing today. Furthermore, the demand for excellence and strategic, innovative thinking, pushed me to understand what it truly takes to provide world-class solutions for my clients. Thanks to E. Rogers I have the experience and fortitude to handle any and all challenges ahead.

Rami Ben-Dayan

Associate, Organizational Effectiveness/Workplace Solutions at KPMG

The E. Rogers Associates’ experience has long lasting benefits. If you could make it there, you could make it anywhere. It is a microcosm of what is to come. Exposure to a variety of clients and individual care by the E. Rogers team is a recipe for success. Everything from brain science research, to project management, to interaction with high profile clientele has added tangible and sentimental value to me personally and more broadly, to KPMG. If I could do it all over again, I would – and I would recommend the same to anyone who asks.