Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™


Based on the new Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ framework of 38 competencies, this course lays the foundation for competency work and qualifies as the prerequisite course as you move to more specialized approaches.

Attend this session to:

  • Interpret the research behind the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ – studies on experiential learning, derailment, and development
  • Use the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ Competency Sort Cards to identify differentiating competencies critical for success across different jobs and levels, create job profiles and individual assessments
  • Construct an aligned, competency-based, strategic HR program to provide the greatest value to your organization

Korn Ferry Voices® 360


Voices® is a research-based, time-tested solution for delivering 360 feedback that helps career-minded people succeed.

Attend this session to:

  • Institute 360 feedback giving employees a more thorough understanding of not only their strengths, weaknesses, and development opportunities, but also their impact on others
  • Facilitate constructive and meaningful 360 feedback for all levels of your organization
  • Accurately interpret assessment results and be recognized as a certified Voices® 360 feedback coach

Korn Ferry Learning Agility Essentials


This course equips you with deeper insight and practices to apply the concept of Learning Agility within systemic talent management and leadership development programs. It is the prerequisite requirement for the Learning Agility Assessments.

Attend this course to:

  • Develop a common language of Learning Agility to assess, recruit and develop talent for jobs and roles that require Learning Agility
  • Apply Learning Agility for differentiated talent development
  • Inform your succession planning processes

Korn Ferry Learning Agility Assessments


Learning Agility Assessments is a certification program that offers interpretation, delivery, practice and application of the viaEDGE® and Choices™ assessments so that you can confidently measure Learning Agility.

Attend this session to:

  • Assess internal talent for placement and development of high potentials
  • Aid in external candidate hiring
  • Confidently interpret assessment results, facilitate coaching sessions, and drive succession management efforts

Korn Ferry viaEDGE®


viaEDGE® easily and efficiently gauges the potential of large numbers of individuals, with the ease of an online self-administered assessment.

Attend this session to:

  • Assess internal talent for placement and development of high potentials
  • Aid in external candidate hiring
  • Identify managers most likely to succeed in international assignments
  • Confidently interpret assessment results and use them to drive succession management efforts

Other Korn Ferry Courses


Interview Architect: Competency Based Selection: Implement defensible, structured, and behavior and learning based interviewing methods in identifying the right talent for the job.

Team Architect:
Building high performing teams- Maximize team effectiveness by establishing and executing team strategy.