Executive & Manager Coaching

We offer individual and group coaching services at the manager and executive levels. We use a variety of assessments (e.g. 360s, self, interviews) to identify strengths and opportunity areas. We then create and execute a structured development plan designed to provide the experiences, strategies, and action plans necessary to sustain the development of targeted growth opportunities. Learn More 


Talent & Leadership Development Programs

We start with the organization’s strategic direction and then craft a design that develops the leadership competencies to execute on that strategy. We create and facilitate talent and leadership programs designed to enhance individuals’ self-awareness of their strengths and developmental needs, and develop action plans geared towards leveraging their strengths and improving their weaknesses. Learn More 


Team Building

We design and/or facilitate team building workshops based on a client’s specific needs. Often we use an assessment tool to pinpoint where to focus their efforts to improve performance. Learn More