The Importance of Developing Your Leadership Skills as an Entrepreneur

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I am writing this as a response and addition to Stanley Truskie’s post regarding the importance of leadership for entrepreneurs. His post brings together some important points about entrepreneurs becoming organizational leaders. Some additional reference points to note:

  • Center for Creative Leadership(CCL) research showed that things that lead to someone’s success early on can become career derailers/stallers as they move into the leadership ranks
  • Norm data from Korn Ferry and previously, Lominger International’s 360 global database as well as the classic research in the 80’s from CCL showed that there are different competencies that are important and drive for success in different roles: e.g. start ups, significant people demands, heavy strategic demands
  • Korn Ferry’s 4D Leadership Model discusses the four facets of Leadership and Talent:
    • Competencies: skills and behaviors required for success that can be observed
    • Experiences: assignments or roles that prepare a person for future opportunities
    • Traits: inclinations, aptitudes and natural tendencies a person leans towards
    • Drivers: values, and interests that influence a person’s career path, motivation and engagement

As Truskie states “ Everyone does not have the will or desire to become a leader.” Understanding one’s traits and drivers is critical in helping a leader determine whom they need to surround themselves with to build a successful high growth company. This would be a critical role an advisory service might provide an entrepreneurial leader. It is also a role that could benefit a VC firm-not just provide the funding, but providing support to the entrepreneur as the firm grows.

Along these lines, my company, E. Rogers Associates, has launched a study to understand how start ups and high growth companies think about and address strategic people practice challenges and opportunities. The survey should only take ten minutes and the results will be confidential. By participating, start ups will receive an executive summary of the results and will have the opportunity to influence topics covered in our networking group.

Follow the links below to take the survey:

Senior Human Resources Leader Survey

CEO Survey

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