The client and learner are central to everything we do:

  • Assessment: Identifying strengths and development opportunities
  • Feedback Session: Providing critical feedback to enhance awareness
  • Development Planning: Creating an action plan for improvement
  • Continued Coaching Support: Ensuring development process continues

We offer a variety of options for assessing an individual/team’s strengths and development needs.

Some of the tools we use include:

Self- Assessment
E. Rogers Associates’ coaches are trained to administer a variety of research-based self-assessment tools including: Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential [KFALP], viaEdge Learning Agility Assessment, DiSC, Hogan, California Personality Inventory (CPI), Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and others.

360 Feedback
For more in-depth understanding of the learner’s strengths and opportunity areas 360s can be administered online, by phone, or in person.

Structured Interviews
The Learning From Experience™ (LFE) interview with the learner allows us to uncover themes that have developed over the course of one’s career.

Background Information
E. Rogers Associates collects and reviews relevant information from the organization including:

  • Existing Company documents (e.g. organization structure, performance evaluations, business objectives, past 360 assessments, etc.)
  • Stakeholder Interviews (e.g. HR, Boss, etc.)
We also offer a variety of coaching session options:

Feedback Session

  • Discussion and agreement of strengths, development areas, hidden strengths,
    and blind spots.
  • Reviewing themes uncovered from assessments and background information.

Development Planning

  • Creating a plan the learner can use to close skill gaps that are aligned to their objectives for the next 30, 60, or 90 days.
  • Understanding key developmental experiences that can aid in learning.
  • Setting important milestones to track performance and measure improvement.

Continued Coaching Support

  • Work with learner to continue building skills needed to successfully meet their objectives.
  • Discussion of progress and evaluation of the strategies chosen for development.
  • Identification of areas for further development and revision of development strategies where necessary.
  • Understanding road blocks to success and strategies for success.
Clients can decide to use all or some of our coaching services. Some options include:
With Formal Assessment

Assessment/Analysis Only
E. Rogers Associates summarizes results and key themes

Assessment/ Analysis + Feedback
In addition to analyzing the assessment results, E. Rogers Associates present feedback to the learner to ensure enhanced awareness and acceptance of the results.

Assessment/Analysis + Feedback + Development Planning
In addition to the above, E. Rogers Associates can work with the learner to outline a development plan.

No Formal Assessment*

Background Information + Development Planning + Continued Coaching Support
E. Rogers Associates interviews key stakeholders and reviews company documents to understand the learner’s relationships and the organization’s goals/challenges.

An initial coaching session is designed to discuss the learner’s personal development objectives and strategies for improvement.

Subsequent coaching sessions are designed to assess progress on development, provide support, and refine development strategies as needed.

* This option is typically chosen to provide counsel to the C-suite and their Direct Reports.