E. Rogers offers workshops designed to build high performance teams by:

  • Assessing the team on critical success factors for high performance teams and individual communication styles to identify strengths and areas of opportunities
  • Establishing an understanding and commitment to a common mindset about strategy, goals and tactics
  • Instilling an atmosphere of trust, truthfulness and collaboration
  • Developing strong problem solving, decision making and conflict management skills
  • Creating processes to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in accomplishing team goals

Team Building Services Example

Phase 1: Setting the Business Agenda


  • State of the business
  • Action plans need to tie to our overall business agenda
    • Goals of business unit
    • Objective of today’s session — desired outcomes (alignment, teamwork, breakdown silos, actionable plans in place)

Department goals:

  • What are the business unit key accomplishments to date?
  • What are your business goals for year?
  • What has been accomplished so far this year?
    • What are the challenges you face in accomplishing your goals? (internal, external)
    • Who do you feel you will need to collaborate with to accomplish your goals? (within business unit & other)

Exercise 1: Small group discussion:

  • Where is collaboration essential to accomplishing our goals?
  • What are the obstacles to collaboration within the business unit?
  • Where do we need to focus our efforts?

Exercise 2: Large group discussion

Phase II: Team Assessment & Action Planning

Overview of best practices of high performance teams

Team assessment

  • Research exists on high performing teams
  • Use team assessment tool to assess current standing on key behaviors for high performing teams

Exercise 2: Assess current skill level

  • Identify the current skill level of business unit
  • Force rank the competencies / dimensions of our team

Exercise 3: Organizational action plans

  • Each group is assigned one team opportunity (lowest dimension). Each group will develop action plans specific business unit goals:
    • Choose three remedies that you think are the most applicable to the team
    • How will this help us achieve our goals? (Provide specific steps)
    • Provide expected completion dates
  • Small group presentations and group discussion to build and finalize action plan