Our best practices models include the following key features:

At E. Rogers Associates, we’ve found great success in developing career path models using the following process:

Phase 1: Background Meeting with HR

During this phase, E. Rogers Associates works closely with HR to set the stage by:

  • Creating a high-level project plan
  • Identifying a core team to meet regularly, manage project timeline and goals, provide content expertise, and serve as project sponsors
  • Identifying the target audience
Phase 2: Project Kick-Off with Core Team

After a Core Team is identified, E. Rogers Associates meets with them to create a comprehensive project plan which:

  • Establishes interview and focus group logistics — whom and when
  • Identifies key milestones
Phase 3: Interviews with Subject Matter Experts
  • E. Rogers Associates conducts interviews (e.g. telephone, in-person, etc.) with the selected SMEs to discuss various elements of their roles including responsibilities, challenges, deliverables, etc.
  • E. Rogers Associates then analyzes the data from the interviews and identifies key competencies and job experiences, and develops role profiles and preliminary career paths
Phase 4: Focus Group Workshops with Subject Matter Experts
  • E. Rogers Associates reviews and discusses preliminary career path with SMEs
  • E. Rogers Associates then revises and finalizes the career path model based on workshop discussions
Phase 5: Career Path Model Validation with Core Team
  • E. Rogers Associates conducts a walk-through of the career path model with the Core Team and validates the revised career path model