Career Pathing

We work with organizations to create career path models that provide a platform for developmental discussions and, importantly, give clarity to the career progression process in organizations. For a given role, we highlight incoming requirements, critical job duties, key developmental experiences, common challenges/derailers, and key things to master before moving on. Learn More 


Succession Planning

We help organizations assess who their future leaders are, and put in place processes for filling key roles with these individuals. Learn More 


Competency Modeling

We help organizations identify those competencies that employees need for the organization to achieve its strategic objectives. We also work with organizations to embed the identified competencies into their existing Human Resource processes. Learn More 


Performance Management

We help organizations redesign or create performance management processes that build, develop, reward, and maintain a high-performance workforce. Learn More 


Organization Design & Change Management

E. Rogers Associates provides general consulting services and facilitation to support various organization change initiatives, including culture change, turn-arounds, mergers & acquisitions, and more. Learn More