We emphasize a strategic approach towards competency modeling that ensures an organization’s critical competencies are directly aligned to its strategic objectives.

Our Approaches

We follow several best practices when working with an organization/team to build a competency model, including:

  • Using research-based competencies as the foundation.
  • Aligning success profiles to the organization’s mission, vision, values, and business strategy.
  • Identifying and involving key stakeholders in the process.
Our Services
  • We provide workshops designed to enhance awareness around research based competencies and when necessary, to certify employees (e.g. HR staff) so they can integrate those competencies into their existing processes.
  • We provide workshops/questionnaires designed to elicit key stakeholders’ inputs around the organization’s strategies and the competencies needed by employees to achieve those strategies.

We work with organizations to design a competency model that can serve as the foundation for its people processes. Further we help organizations embed newly designed or updated models into existing systems:

Example: Aligning the Organization with a Competency Model

  • First Step: working with the organization’s senior leadership team to establish what capabilities are needed in order for the organization to achieve its mission/vision/strategies.
  • Once capabilities are established, organizations can identify what employees will need in terms of skills and behaviors (e.g. competencies).

What are the organization’s mission, vision, and strategic objectives going forward?


What are the capabilities the organization needs in order to meet their mission, vision, and strategic objectives?


What competencies do employees need to carry out the organization capabilities?