Whether it’s updating a current process or creating a new one, E. Rogers Associates provides expertise on various aspects of the performance management process.

Developing or Improving a Process:

Focusing on What Counts
  • Making sure there is a clear linkage from the Company’s business strategy through functional and departmental plans, down to individual performance objectives.
  • Setting SMART objectives to ensure they are challenging yet realistic enough to create accountability for specific results.
Performance Management Rating Scale and Definitions
  • E. Rogers Associates works closely with clients to create behaviorally anchored rating scales (BARS). Through the use of interviews, focus groups, or questionnaires, we help establish clear definitions of what is below average, average, or above average performance.
Making it Work
  • E. Rogers Associates provides training to help managers reduce biases, improve accuracy of ratings, and provide beneficial feedback that will be accepted by the employee.
  • E. Rogers Associates works with clients to create reward systems and processes aligned to performance objectives.


Performance Management Workshops

E. Rogers Associates creates and facilitates workshops designed to:

  • Enhance knowledge of the research and best practices on building and executing a performance culture
  • Train managers on how to facilitate meaningful performance conversations that guide employees to development and improvement
  • Identify methods to improve the objectivity of evaluations
  • Make feedback conversations more constructive and ensure evaluation results are accepted by employees